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Hello and welcome!  Let us introduce ourselves, we are Serena and Adam and under the banner of Keythorpe Rare Breeds we are breeders and rearers of traditional rare breed pigs and sheep located on the Leicestershire /Rutland border.

For those of you purely interested in top quality, outdoor free range pork, sausage, drycure bacon and gammon, and of course lamb, and who would prefer to see their meat packaged and ready to cook please select the FARM SHOP link to the left.

For those who want to know more about what we do and the animals we keep, scroll on down and also use the links to the left - PIGS and SHEEP.

Keythorpe Rare Breed Pigs & Pork - our logo designed and drawn by Serena
Our pig breeds:
Gloucester Old Spot
British Saddleback

Large Black
Oxford, Sandy & Black
British Lop

Our sheep breeds:
Wiltshire Horn, Suffolk, Hampshire, Texel

PIGS - Weaners for fattening; breeding stock available; boars at stud

SHEEP - Lambs and ewes available for breeding; rams at stud

MEAT - Juicy, Succulent Pork, handmade Sausage, Gammon and Drycure Bacon
           - Freezer ready lamb

Serena with an Oxford Sandy & Black WeanerOur contact info:

tel                    01858 55 55 77
email           pigs@keythorpe.co.uk

snail mail      Rose Cottage Farm
                     Crackbottle Road
                        LE7 9XG

Stop wriggling!

If you are not familiar with our smallholding and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to hear from you!  Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

Useful Website Links:

British Pig Association (BPA)

What's happening at Keythorpe?

June 2007

First measure your hog...June saw us hosting our first ever hog roast at our farm!  This was a first for us and so we not only had to select a hog, but also had to build a roasting grill!

Of course we went about things the right way.  We firstly measured our hog...

...and then measure your mean grilling machine

...to ensure our mean grilling machine would be large enough

The turnout was fantastic and we soon ran out of parking

July 2007

It's been a busy period around the farm.  We had our sheep sheared in June just in time as just a few had early flystrike.  Had the shearers not managed to fit us in we could have been in trouble.

Last week we had most of our flock showered baring a few which have been pulled aside.  With the humid heat we seem to be getting it's the only sure way to put a stop to flystrike.  We lost a number of ewes last year with no prior sign.  On their feet one day looking healthy and not with us the next.

If you feed them, they will comeWe've selected our cull ewes for this year which will be sent off to market this week - fingers crossed for a good price.  Certainly we've had plenty of grass and even the old girls are looking good.

At last our first lambs are now up to weight and so we'll begin sending them off this week.  Makes my mouth water just thinking about the fresh lamb due to come back...

Piggywise after having had three litters born in May and a further three in June, it seems a bit of a slow month with just the one litter so far.

Our new two year old Saddleback had her first litter with us, being her second litter in total (she's now officially a sow) of 11 little piglets on 10th July.  Unfortunately the runt didn't last 48 hours but the remaining 10, 4 boys and 6 girls are doing well.

We're expecting a number of litters over the coming months - check out our PIG Section for approximate dates and as always BOOK EARLY to avoid dissappointment!!!

August 2007

Well the Foot & Mouth Outbreak and the resulting ban on the movement of livestock put pay to the lamb dinners we were looking forward to.  The movement restrictions came in just days before our first lambs were booked in.  It also meant that our weaners which became ready to go to their new homes had to stay put and we thank people for their patience.

For up to date information on Foot & Mouth visit Defra FMD

August has been a slow month with only one farrowing though we have bought some new lines to add to the ranks of our British Lops being a Supreme Boar and two Gracious Gilts.  This takes our British Lop numbers up to seven in total.

The farrowing was our Kune-Kune sow "Ellie" whom produced 6 healthy piglets.

September 2007

A good start to the month with one of our Harmony line British Lops producing 8 healthy piglets on Sunday morning, 2nd September to our Prince boar.

We're also expecting "Patch" our Gloucestershire Old Spot sow to farrow soon.

October 2007 - WE HAVE PLANNING PERMISSION!!!!!!!!

Earlier in the year we put in for planning for a new livestock building and yard area and this month we've received our permission to go ahead with this new development!  This is fantastic news and will enable us to take Keythorpe to the next level.  World domination here we come.....

November 2007 - The Blacks Have Returned!!!

Having let two of our Large Black's head off to France to start a foundation herd back in April, and our remaining Large Black Sow had gone to another holding to visit the boar, movement restrictions were then placed on us with FMD, and so we've been Blackless for a number a months, what has seemed an age.

But earlier this month, with restrictions relaxed, we were able to collect our Large Black girl whom is due in early December, along with a new gilt in-pig who was due to farrow on 17th November.

As soon as the two girls were back and settled in we'd realised how much we'd missed having this breed on the farm.  There's something about Large Blacks, with their lop ears which cover their eyes, their docile friendly nature, and their love of affection.  They always load and unload quite happily with no drama and follow a feed bucket anywhere.  We'd always recommend them to beginners as the easiest of all the breeds to handle and have received much positive feedback about them over the years.

December 2007 - The Blacks are multiplying!!!

Well "Wiggy", as we decided to name our new Large Black Gilt who arrived in November, became the proud mum of 6 healthy piglets on Saturday 17th November as expected.  A good number for a first litter and she proving herself to be a good mum.

Unfortunately we were not able to set our new webcam up in time to catch the action due to some technical problems (see below).

Meanwhile "Snowy" our existing Large Black sow farrowed 11 piglets on Monday 17th December.  Three unfortunately did not make it but the remaining 8 are doing well.  Snowy too is proving herself to be a good mum.  She starting nesting 12 hours before farrowing attempting to build a nest large enough to house a rugby team!

Elsewhere on the farm we have been leading in straw ready for wintertime, just in time as it happens before the rains came and the land got too wet and we couldn't get on the fields.  So our piggies, and our other livestock too for that matter, should be nice and snug throughout the cold months...

January 2008

Lambing is now well underway for 2008 with half our flock having produced either singles, twins and even triplets.  Butchered lamb packs ready for your freezer will be available later in the year for delivery but please do book early to avoid dissappointment - available numbers are limited.

We also have a number of Hoggets we've kept on from last year to allow their taste and texture to develop.  These are available for delivery in March.  If you'd like to put your name down for one, drop us an email.

Our groundworks, which were unfortunately delayed from their original pre-Christmas date, got underway this month.  Due to the sloped site a large amount of earth had to be excavated from one end and built up at the other.  We hope that the foundations for the new building will be put in at the beginning of February and then the barn will follow.

So much to do and plan - new animal pens, loose boxes, farrowing pens, boars pens and so on.

Keythorpe to launch LIVE WEBCAM!!!!!

Our latest project is to setup a live webcam within the farrowing suite to allow people to tune in and see what the girls are up to with their little ones and perhaps, if you're lucky, even watch a farrowing in progress.

Our earlier technical problems are now partially resolved, and we are now getting images from our Web Cam.  Our next issue is to be able to link them to our website.

Thank you to all those who have emailed and we appreciate your patience.  Hopefully we will be fully up and running during February - coming to a screen near you soon - Keythorpe LIVE!!!