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Piggy Export Trip to France

Under construction, but here's some pics in the meanwhile...

All aboard!!  Just boarded the Norfolkline Dover to Dunkerque ferry with a consignment of 32 piggies heading to Le Perouille in France

Having arrived and unloaded, here's the girls (and a few rogue boys) in one of the new paddocks

Three of the girls have found something interesting to root whilst the fourth lounges in the sunshine

Some of the boys exploring their new surroundings

One of the two large black sows looks around as Serena, Tanya and Tim look on

Happy as a pig in a wallow

Tanya & Nof's beautiful french farmhouse - a work in progress

Clean that board girl!!!

Piggy whispering

Pausing for a rest on route back, this time our consignment was wine, cheese and cured meats