Farm Shop - Pork & Lamb
Piggy Export Trip to France

Here's some of our lambing floor and some new spring lambs...

Our early lambing flock 2007

Here's our early lambing flock just having been brought in ready to start lambing in January...

Our late lambing flock 2007

And here's our later lambing flock digging into some good hay...

...and here's some of the previous years antics...

New Years Day lambing 2006

...horse trailers do much more than just transporting horses... birthing suites for example

...can I have some mum?

Troublesome Orphans!!!

...later in the year they proved to be very tasty, well worth the effort of hand raising them.

...for those who think "how can you eat them?!?" - orphan lambs make awful mothers since they have not experienced being mothered themselves.

...well chickens have to sleep somewhere comfortable!

...our little bantam took to roosting on our lambs, and later on our piglets (under the heatlamp of course - she wasn't silly!)

...when do I get my chicken???