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Two young OxfordsWeaners & Breeding Stock always available along with plenty of guidance and advice.

Gloucestershire Old Spot
Large Black
Oxford Sandy & Black
British Lop
British Saddleback

Some breeds we're hoping to add later this year are Middle Whites and Berkshires.

WEANERS (scroll down for boars)

Weaners are generally sold at 8 weeks of age and are already eating solids, in our case natural GM free nuts.  We are able to offer three types of weaners depending on your requirements.  These are:

- Weaners for Fattening
- Weaners for Breeding
- Registered Weaners for Breeding

The first two can be pure bred & birth notified or may be crosses.  The third is pure bred & birth notified and on payment of a registration fee can be registered.  If you require registered stock please ensure you let us know before you place your order as all stock is booked on a first come basis and it is often not possible to change at a later date from unregistered to registered stock since there is limited availability.

For weaner availability, scroll down for breeds and expected farrowing dates.  Please book early to avoid dissappointment!

Call Serena or Adam on 01858 55 55 77 or email pigs@keythorpe.co.uk with your enquiry.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Gloucester Old Spots at 6 weeks
Gloucestershire Old Spots

Old Spots are known as an orchard pig and it is rumoured that the black spots are in fact bruises from falling apples!

We've our next litter due in December

Large Blacks at one day old
Large Blacks

Known as the elephant pig, they look like miniture elephants when they are first born!

Due to the restriction on movements of animals, our sow was delayed going to the boar and so our next litters are now expected in December 2007

British Saddlebacks at one day old born 29th April 2007

British Saddlebacks

The British Saddleback was recognised is 1967 when the Wessex Saddleback & the Essex breeds were amalgamated.

We've yet to put our sow to the boar so it'll be November at the earliest when we hear the patter of tiny feet once again.

Oxford Sandy & Black piglets with their MumOxford Sandy & Blacks

Also known as the "plum pudding" or "oxford forest" pig, the OSB are beleived to originate from Oxfordshire.

Due to presales, our next available litters are due in January 2008

British Lop piglets at birth
British Lops
The rarest of all the British breeds and considered endangered by the Rare Breed Survival Trust.

Our latest litter has just arrived and further litters are expected in December 07

kune Kune pigletKune-Kune

Troublesome Kune piglets rooting from an early age.  Kunes out of all the breeds we keep are least likely to root and graze the grass, but like all pigs, they will usually find a spot they like

Our latest litter has just arrived and our next litter is due in February/March 2008 - preordering essential!

Gloucester Old Spot Crossed with an Oxford Sandy & BlackGloucester X Oxford

These happy chappies are varied, good looking pigs producing excellent pork and bacon whilst combining the excellent properties of Gloucesters with the larger carcass size of an Oxford.

Our next litter is due November/December 07


Alex having a moment after performing
Oxford Sandy & Black proven BOAR at Stud

Our Oxford Sandy & Black Boar is an Alexander (R000444OS) appropriately named Alex!  He's a friendly good looking fella and loves to entertain small first time gilts to full grown sows (yes he can reach!).

British Lop proven BOAR at Stud

Our new British Lop Boar who joined us in 2006 is Windmill Prince (6275).  He's a friendly chappie with a fine physique having been placed 1st at the Three Counties 2006, 1st at the Great Yorkshire 2006 and 2nd at the Royal 2006.

"Mr Pig" our Kune Kune Boar

Kune-Kune proven BOAR at Stud

Our "Mr Pig" is the perfect gentleman, a well mannered fella who produces lovely piglets.
He's always happy to entertain visiting ladies.

Room for all at the trough!


Here at Keythorpe we boast about our top quality pork, and it all starts from one day old...

First of all we apply a moderate heat from one day old to set the little sausages simmering...

...and then as summer comes we turn up the heat to bake them off in the sunshine...

...and then finally, we drop them in a hot frying pan...

...and walaaa!!  The best tasting sausages, the ultimate bacon, outstanding pork and excellent gammon!